Three disrespectful Hamilton College students are accused of vandalizing Crystal Springs Golf Course.

The three young punks were playing the course on State Route 5 in Vernon, New York on Saturday, August 28. They allegedly caused damage to a number of greens and ran over several posts around the course. "They can come to talk to me or else criminal charges will be filed and the three individuals will be arrested," said golf course owner Tom Snizek. "We have an eyewitness to these acts of vandalism."

Credit - Crystal Springs
Credit - Crystal Springs

Before the jerks tore up the course they were dumb enough to use the ATM machine inside the clubhouse. "We have their names and they have 24 hours to come clean, or you’ll be calling Daddy to get you out of their criminal mess."

The time frame came and went without anyone coming forward. So Snizek kept his promise and called the New York State Police. "Thank you to Troop D and BCI investigation to resolve our vandalism issue. Absolutely impressive how quickly they responded, how professional they were and how efficiently this was handled."

Credit - Crystal Springs

Golf season is incredibly short in Central New York, making it extremely difficult to bring enough guests and money in to stay open every year. This summer has been especially hard on golf course owners with all the rain, making the season even shorter with the number of days courses are closed because of the weather.

Most golf course Superintendents spend countless hours keeping their course in top condition. It's a damn shame to see thoughtless kids ruin it for everyone else!

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