There's certainly no shortage of fun videos and incredible stories out there about Great Danes (like the one about the blind Great Dane who has her own seeing-eye guide dog), but if you've ever wondered what it's like to live with a Great Dane, look no further than this adorable and hilarious video of a Dane refusing to let his owner relax.

Roy Field of Hudson Oaks, Texas (located just outside Fort Worth), shared the candid video above with us offering a tiny glimpse into the nightly routine with his best friend. That big furry goof ball crawling all over Roy is 1-year-old Bodie Gene. All Roy wants to do is sit back and watch some TV, but Bodie has other plans.

Roy's attempts to ignore Bodie are met only with more not-so-subtle, please-pay-attention-to-me hints from the needy Dane as he actively avoids eye contact.

"We always lay on the couch right before bed," says Roy, "but he wanted to play that night."

Well, Bodie Gene, looks like you win buddy.


    Great Dane - 1, Little Kid - 0

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