Allie Colleen steps further from her famous father Garth Brooks' shadow with a heartfelt confessional about a long-distant friendship, titled “Along the Way.” Readers can press play above to hear the new song.

Colleen was inspired to write "Along the Way" by her best friend, Emily, as the pair of pals are now living in separate places. Colleen explains that the track is also a reflection on "what it is like to love someone who you know needs to leave and grow up and explore."

"We hope it encourages you to do some exploration of your own, we hope that you go out and you find all there is to find, and we hope that after all that, you realize that what you had before is worth coming back to," she adds. "This song is about the courage to look for more and at the end of the day be happy with settling down with the one you love."

Per a press release, Colleen co-wrote "Along the Way" with Stephen McMorran.

"The song's about loving someone without trying to control him or her. It’s about how love feels vulnerable and unconditional," McMorran says. "This is one of those songs open to interpretation by the listener as it applies to them."

"Along the Way" is the second single from Colleen, following the July release of a different deeply personal yet widely relatable song, “Work in Progress.” Colleen is the daughter of Brooks and his first wife, Sandy Mahl; Trisha Yearwood, Brooks' current wife, is her stepmom.

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