It seems that Rockefeller Center in New York City again looks to Otsego County for its Christmas tree. According to AllOTSEGO, a 100-foot-tall tree at a property at 3851 on State Route 23 in West Oneonta (see below), owned by “Daddy Al” Dick has been chosen as the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree this year. This has not been confirmed by the property owner or any Oneonta officials, apparently for security reasons but since Monday, a crew from Lynn Warren Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping in Newburgh, NJ have been preparing the tree in much the same way that the 2016 tree, owned by Angie and Graig Eichler of Country Club Road in Oneonta, was prepared for transport to Rockefeller Center. Graig Eichler told AllOTSEGO that he and his wife were not allowed to reveal that their tree had been chosen because Rockefeller Center officials wanted to keep the tree safe from vandals. Once the tree officially comes down, then it can be publicly announced.

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Credit: Ian Austin, AllOTSEGO
Credit: Ian Austin, AllOTSEGO

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