If there is one thing you need to know about sparrows, it's that they always have a way of finding their way back home -- eventually. Ashley McBryde uses this well-known fact as the inspiration behind her latest release, "Sparrow."

In "Sparrow," McBryde captures the feeling of being away from home and missing the comforts that come along with a routine and familiar place. The emotional song opens with McBryde singing about reaching out to her family while on the road for an extended period of time.

"Telephones and post cards / I called you from the lobby bar on Tuesday / How's the Okra coming up? / And boy, I wish I had me some / Save me a plate," she sings. "Yeah, I've been sleeping alright / I get a couple days in July / Kiss Dad for me, I love you both, goodnight."

As the song continues, McBryde uses the persona of the sparrow to further talk about her experiences. McBryde uses her music to put her complicated emotions into words, singing: "Higher than you've ever been / Lonely like you never been / Waiting on the wind to take you home." Press play above to listen to the full song.

"Sparrow" is the latest single to be released form McBryde's upcoming album, Never Will, which is set for release on April 3. After concluding her One Night Standards dates, McBryde will join Luke Combs on his What You See Is What You Get Tour in April.

The singer has shared a number of new tracks lately, including a tribute to her late brother called "Stone" and a twangy ode to vices called "First Thing I Reach For."

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