Growing up in Tennessee with a minister father and a love of country music, Brandon Lay began cultivating his appreciation for traditional country and classic rock early. Those tastes are reflected in his playlist, which the singer says is full of songs that make him feel good and remind him to focus on the positive in life.

For example, Lay closes out his playlist with English rock group Genesis' "Throwing it All Away," featuring iconic singer-songwriter Phil Collins. "I love the sounds on this track. Put me in the sunshine," Lay comments. He brings that sunny energy to the beginning of this batch of tunes, too, with Jackson Browne's rendition of "Take it Easy."

"I love this version of Jackson's because it's more songwriter-y and acoustic," the singer says. "[It] reminds me to lighten up."

Though throwback songs have a strong place in the playlist, Lay tips his hat to newer country, too, including contributions from Jon Pardi, Old Dominon and his former tour boss, Kenny Chesney. On the latter's 2018 Trip Around the Sun Tour, Lay's personal life got even more inextricably linked to country music than it was before. He told The Boot afterward that during that run, his wife was pregnant with their son Ryder, and the pictures from each tour stop document each stage in her pregnancy.

Additionally, Lay's playlist spotlights both his wife and life on the road with two back-to-back Waylon Jennings offerings, "Good Hearted Woman" and "Waymore's Blues." The real-life connection is pretty straightforward. Of the former track, Lay explains, "I have a good wife"; of the latter, he notes, "We're on the road a lot."

Press play below to listen to Lay's full playlist on Spotify.

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