Brett Eldredge just dropped his new album Sunday Drive and he stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to celebrate the new music.

Talking to Bobby Bones, Eldredge admitted that this new album is a lot different than his others in many ways. He said that he used to sing like he was in love, but now things have changed since taking some time for himself over the past year and he's singing with a lot more maturity and truly being in his feelings.

The title song on his album was the one song that wasn't actually one of his. He found the song during his early years in Nashville while interning at a publishing company. He hinted that there were some artists that almost recorded it, but thankfully never did because all these years later he was able to. Eldredge also shared that "Sunday Drive" is the one song that made him cry while he was recording it. He said he was a few verses in when he just lost it and that was the first time something like that has ever happened in the studio. He added that the song reminds him of his parents and everyone getting older and time catching up to us.

During quarantine, not only was Eldredge finishing up his new album, he also trained and rain for a half-marathon. He completed a half-marathon without any fans cheering him on in an official race, but he did raise a bunch of money for Mental Health Awareness. He said that if he does it again, he hopes it can be in an official race.

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