Carly Pearce is preparing to marry the love of her life, Michael Ray, "any day now" (we're guessing this weekend), and the Kentucky native is already thinking about the future. She can't help but wonder what kind of father her husband-to-be will be when they decide to have children ... eventually.

“We are excited about that ... eventually,” Pearce sheepishly admits to Taste of Country. “He’s going to have to go out on tour with me. (Laughs.) We are going to have to do our own Soul2Soul Tour. (Laughs.)"

"Michael has so much empathy and has so much heart," she says, speaking more seriously. "He has good genes in every way. He has good genes in his heart, not just on the exterior."

How'd They Get Together, Anyway? 

In the five years since Pearce has known Ray, Pearce says she has seen him go through a transformation to become the man he is today.

“He’s just not that timid guy I remember that looked sad,” she says. “I used to wonder if he was sad. He was guarded and had been hurt and all of those things and he was always very open to me about that."

Indeed, Ray has been through his share of troubles, including his DUI arrest back in 2017. But now, Pearce says that man is not at all the same man she has in her life now.

“It's been fun for me to see him become himself and flourish as an artist and a man,” Pearce says, gushing over him. "He is the sweetest person in the whole world and I think people automatically look at his appearance and think he’s going to be something that he's not.”

Pearce recently released a new song, "I Hope You’re Happy Now," with new duet partner Lee Brice.

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