It's the latest viral craze — if you've been seeing photos of all your friends on social media suddenly advanced in age by several decades, you're aware of the new FaceApp challenge, which does a bang-up job of letting folks know just how bad (or good) they will look in a few  years. It's a freebie in the iTunes app store, which anyone can download and use for three days without cost.

Not surprisingly, celebs have been availing themselves of the app to join in the fun too, with varying results (some better than others). One pair of A-listers who tried the app out — and actually ended up looking pretty cute – is Carrie Underwood and retired NHL star husband Mike Fisher.

"Everybody's doing it," noted Underwood on social media with a shrug emoji. The couple look plenty wrinkled in the "after"-app magic, but somehow still manage to present quite well even in artificial "age."

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Fans raved over the picture, with a few comparing Fisher to older hunks such as Mel Gibson and Harrison Ford; and another musing that Underwood looked rather like Tanya Tucker. We should all be so lucky, right?

Underwood wrapped up the first leg of her 2019 Cry Pretty Tour in late June. She's off for the summer, but will pick the trek back up again in early September. Get tickets here. 

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Carrie Underwood + Mike Fisher's Sweetest Pictures Together:

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