Forget the Sales! It’s a Big Game Weekend in New York!
As millions across New York stuff their turkeys and their faces, while preparing to shop until they drop, others will set out this weekend on very different trips. Thanksgiving has always been a marked holiday weekend for hunters, as for many, it is the only long weekend they have during 'Big Game Season' in the Empire State. As many as 700,000 residents hunt in New York State and nearly 50,000 non-residents come here to do the same.
New Rules for NYS Big Game Hunting Start Saturday
Well over a 500,000 big game hunting permits are issued by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation each year. NYS hunting licenses cost $22 for residents from 16 - 69 years old. A non-resident license costs $100. Hunters can purchase additional privileges, like bowhunting, muzzleloading or turkey permits for between $10 and $15. However, most that purchase those permits are going for big game and that starts on Saturday and there are some new rules you need to know before you get out there.
Should New York Hunters Be Testing Deer for COVID-19?
As New Yorkers ease into the thick of deer hunting season, the questions on their minds are usually ones that have to do with location and weather. Certainly few have had to ponder, 'does this deer that I am aiming at have COVID-19?' Well, one study done by researchers at Penn State University says hunters may want to think again.

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