Chances are, Craig Morgan can get his hands on his new album without forking over any cash. But that didn't stop the country singer from buying a copy of his latest release 'The Journey (Livin' Hits)' at Walmart, leaving the cashier who rang up his purchase in shock.

For most folks behind the register, it's likely not often that a famous person comes through the line. But for the woman who helped Morgan with his recent purchase, that's exactly what happened. And the surprise on her face in the video which Morgan posted to Facebook says it all.

The clip shows the 'Wake Up Lovin' You' hitmaker in the music section at his local Walmart store. After plucking a copy of his CD from the rack, he walked up to a cashier to buy it. The cashier looked slightly nervous from the get-go while scanning the CD, because she was so overcome with laughter and surprise. Clearly, she recognized Morgan.

The video doesn't have great sound quality, so it's hard to hear exactly what the exchange between Morgan and the cashier was like. But judging by her smile and flushed face, she was pretty excited to help a country music star with his buy.

In addition to documenting the experience on Facebook, Morgan tweeted about it. "I went by @walmart last night to pick up my new CD, I think I took the cashier by surprise," he writes.

This latest stunt is just more proof that Morgan -- who devotes a lot of his free time to entertaining troops overseas and raising money for foster children in the Tennessee county where he grew up -- is just a good Samaritan in general. What a guy!

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