With fields of flowers and butterflies, a cozy cabin and a weekend of art classes, Danielle Bradbery's 'Heart of Dixie' video is as sweet as the teenage country singer herself.

In the video, the storyline jumps back and forth between the 1960s and modern day to tell the story of Dixie, a woman who possessed an inner strength nobody knew about when she jumped into her car and started a new life.

The story starts with Bradbery and a group of friends jumping out of a car at a beautiful log cabin in the woods. As they walk into the house and set down their things, the camera cuts to a shot of a woman in '60s clothes putting on red lipstick and getting into a car. She drives away from her life, stopping on the side of the road to put her head on the steering wheel and cry.

As the video pans back to modern day, Bradbery and her girlfriends are setting up easels and canvases outside to take art lessons from a bohemian-inspired, gray-haired woman. It doesn't take long to figure out that this is the new life Dixie found when she left home.

Back to the 1960s: Dixie has finished crying, and she's back behind the wheel. With her windows down on a country road, she's laughing and hanging her arm out the window to feel her new freedom.

As Bradbery gets ready to leave Dixie's current home, she writes her a thank you note, letting her know that she's created a beautiful life in the cabin. Dixie smiles at her, and Bradbery leaves with her friends.

The storyline of the video is simple but sweet -- and very fitting for the 'Heart of Dixie' lyrics and Bradbery's youthful style.

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