Every time country newcomer Dylan Brady sits down and writes a song, he gets a vision of what the music video might look like. It was no different when he was writing his current single, “Over Us."

“I have never been a videographer, but sometimes it feels like it,” the New York native says of the new video that premieres on Taste of Country today. “And with ‘Over Us,’ I had a clear vision from the very beginning of the writing process of what the emotion of the song would look like in the video.”

That could be because he partly lived it.

“Every song I write is from personal experience in one way or another,” says Brady, who has garnered praise from country stars including Zac Brown Band and Rascal Flatts’ Joe Don Rooney. “And while I might not have lived specifically every moment of this song, I know what it feels like. It came from a personal place and I loved watching some of those moments play out in the video.”

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Brady co-wrote "Over Us" alongside writer Jared Scott and writer and producer Andy Sheridan.  The song tells the story of the end of a relationship in which each person still misses bits and pieces of one another. To make the video that much more personal, the 20-year-old, who was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome when he was just 13, enlisted a dear friend to star as the leading lady.

“My friend Bella stars in the video, and we actually went to prom together during my senior year of high school,” says Brady, who now resides in Nashville as he works on an upcoming EP. “The song is not about her, but in terms of the video, I knew I would be comfortable with her on set. She’s a beautiful girl.”

Of course, Brady himself ain't so bad in the looks department, either. But that didn’t keep him from nit-picking each and every scene he appeared in.

“I’m the most critical of myself ever,” says Brady, who grew up on a healthy mix of music from everyone from Dixie Chicks to Collin Raye to Maroon 5. “I’m definitely a perfectionist, and just wanted this video to turn out the way I saw it play out in my head. I’m thrilled with how it turned out.”

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