It was all fun and games until the "19" in COVID-19 turned out to mean a 19-pound weight gain.

Okay, totally kidding. But, you have to admit.... the motivation to stay in shape is dwindling down with each passing day. If you're not accustomed to working out at home, finding the inspiration to do so can be extremely difficult. Trust me, I know. I'm DYING to get back in the gym. However, my biggest fear is everything opening back up too soon, so I need to do something to get myself in shape again.

I'm somebody that NEEDS to move. It doesn't matter how great my diet is. If I'm sedentary for too long, I WILL put on weight. Since nobody knows when NJ will get back to anywhere close to what used to be normal life, I can't wait around for the gyms to reopen.

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For some reason, the drive to work-out at home completely missed me in this quarantine. I see a bunch of my friends and family embracing it, but it's super hard for me. I love going on walks, hiking, and getting outside. With everything closed, though, it's been disheartening.

I knew that this week, I needed to make a change. I can't just sit here and let myself go. I won't let it happen. I've worked way too hard. Instead of jumping right in at the level where I was at the start of the new year, I looked around the internet for some workouts that weren't as intense. I know myself. I had to start smaller with an exercise less daunting and rigorous than what I'm used to, because if I struggle too hard, I'll get angry with myself and give up. I used to spend an hour and a half to 2-hours in the gym at a time about 3-4 times a week. Being about 2 months out, I know I'll get angry if I'm not up to par with where I was.

I found a few workouts that got me moving again and can be completed in less than a half hour. That's where I needed to start. Being at home, the only thing that consumes my mind is how many chores I could be getting done. So, in an effort to curb that anxiety, I wanted to start out by dedicating only a half hour to getting back into the fitness game. It's 30 minutes! Surely, I can stop what I'm doing and get moving for a measley half hour. Well, I found workouts even better. These five workouts won't even take up that much time. You can complete them in TWENTY MINUTES.

Once I achieve the level I had reached two months ago, I plan on combining a few of these workouts and (hopefully) dedicating a full hour to deliberate physical activity. These workouts can be completed by anyone. Yep, beginners too!

The best part is they're APARTMENT FRIENDLY! Only one includes jumping exercises.

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