If you are on your social feeds, you see a lot of chatter about George Strait's finale concert at Rodeo Houston last night.  As always he brought the biggest crowd of the rodeo season with a paid attendance of 79,452, according to culturemap.com in Houston.  He came close to his 2019 paid attendance of 80,108. George came back out for a four-song encore and closed out with 'The Cowboy Rides Away.' Check out the full setlist by clicking here and scrolling down.

This would be the perfect time to revisit an article I did last year about George Strait selling out the Sun Valley back in the eighties. I originally found this article thanks to a Facebook comment from Ann David B. on Facebook. The YouTube video is entitled "George Strait: Unseen for 30 Years, One of His Earliest Interviews" and was posted back in 2013. This just proves that YouTube is a treasure trove for musical history.

George says in the interview 'Well I was in the service, and I just for some reason got it in me that I could sing. I thought that I could possibly make a career out of singing." Little did he know. SEE THE FULL INTERVIEW IN THE VIDEO BELOW! I also thank George Strait for his service in our Military. The video was originally made for 'Entertainment Tonight' about 'America's latest heartthrob.' and they filmed it right here in Victoria. How cool is that?  After doing a little searching I found out the concert happened in or close to 1983.


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