It’s a new beginning for Granger Smith and wife Amber.

Over a year since the loss of their 3-year-old son River in a drowning accident, the family have decided to make a major move. Recently, on their YouTube series The Smiths, the family shared that they had moved onto a sprawling piece of land in Texas where they hope to begin building a house in the coming months.

In the video tour, Smith, Amber and their kids Lincoln and London take viewers on a trip around the property, stopping everywhere from the chicken coup to the well house to the red barn that Smith says he just might transform into a recording studio someday.

They also showed off the RV that is parked in one of the sprawling garages that they will essentially be living in until they break ground on their new home. And while the RV is air-conditioned, the barn that it is parked in is not. It was 100 degrees in there while they were taping, they share.

“I love it,” Smith says toward the end of the video as they sit in the middle of their luscious property.

“It feels good,” Amber adds.

The new home is a step in the journey to a new life for the family, who continue to feel the sadness that comes with losing a child much too soon.

"I had a dream about it last night," Smith said in a recent interview with Fox News. "It's not ever going to leave me. It does not go away.".

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