Granger Smith premiered the video for his latest, "That's Why I Love Dirt Roads," on Thursday (Feb. 6). While the video doesn't offer up any obvious references to the loss of his youngest son, River—a tragedy that has understandably shaped his life since it occurred last year—there are several subtle tributes that can be spotted.

In addition to the simple fact that jumping in the cab for an off-road drive might be a way to clear his mind after a year of unimaginable tension, there are other little clues that suggest Smith is thinking of his son—and in a peaceful, contemplative way.

Smith wears a red flannel shirt in the video, which could be noted as a reference to his son's favorite color, and the shade the family chose to design the charity T-shirts designed in his memory for fundraisers surrounding his passing.

Additionally, the plot of the clip has him planting a tree in the midst of barren land, with a deer looking on. The symbolism of growth in the midst of dryness can't be ignored.

When releasing the audio version video for the song, Smith said the cover art for the tune included plenty of easter eggs that explain his story. In particular, he urged fans to find late son River's face in the mountain range displayed.

River Kelly Smith was just three years old when he did after a tragic drowning accident in the family's pool at their home near Austin, Texas, in June of 2019. Smith and his wife have announced the launch of the River Kelly Fund — a charitable fund that will accept donations to help others in memory of their son.

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