There are a lot of politicians in our country that could be classified by the word jackass but this one in particular really is.

No, it's really a donkey that's been sworn in as mayor of the mountain town of Divide, Colo.

This actually isn't anything new for the good folks of Divide as they have sworn in a different animal every other year for the past decade for a very good cause, and that causing is raising some money for the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter.

For the past two years, it was a dog that held office:

YouTube/TCRAS videos

What a fun and creative way to raise money and awareness for a great cause and to help animals. Sure, this is just for fun and for a great cause, but I think the good folks of Divide are on to something about having animals run for office instead of humans.

I seriously think some of these animals couldn't do much worse than some of the human politicians out there these days, but I digress.

This year, thanks to the generous donations of many, over $41,000 was raised to help the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter.

Congratulations to all, especially to Clyde the Donkey on his new position as mayor of Divide.

We salute you Clyde.

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