Hudson Moore found himself in one of the darkest seasons of his life. His grandfather had passed away. He lost two of his high school friends suddenly. And during all of this, Moore's career was hitting its share of bumps in the road.

So, the Texas native with the distinctive voice and the movie star looks sat down, grabbed a pen and started writing a song.

“The song talks about going through ‘one hell of a year' and being ‘through high and low,’” reflects Moore about his new song “I Got You,” which premieres exclusively on Taste of Country on Friday (Nov. 6). “I feel like being in the music business and being a dad and with all of the ups and downs of life that we all go through, it was a song that I needed to write to give people some hope and inspiration.”

And while the song sounds like a song written in the deepest depths of the coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine by someone looking to grasp onto the sure things in one’s life, “I Got You” was actually written a few years back, before the pandemic took its hold on the country.

“It just seemed like the perfect time to release the song, considering everything the country has gone through with the quarantine and everything else,” explains Hudson, whose vocals on the track are the exact ones he sang on the day he wrote the song alongside Lindsey Jackson, Devin Barker and Emma White. “It’s a song that’s inspiring and honest and hopeful. It’s about looking at life square in the eye and thinking about everything it can throw at you.”

“I Got You” serves as a perfect, heartfelt ode to the life preservers that we all cling to at one time or another. Whether those life preservers are found within one’s faith or one’s loved ones or both, “I Got You” reminds us all that no one in this world has to keep their head above water by themselves.

There is always someone there to save you.

For Moore, those vital life preservers are found not only in his personal faith (‘God has a better plan for me than I have for myself’), but also in the arms of his wife, Sarah.

“My wife is my rock,” gushes Moore, who actually played the majority of the instruments on the track, including electric guitar, banjo and bass. “When I want to give up, she pushes me to always keep going.”

And then there are the two other special girls in Moore’s life, his and Sarah’s daughters – 3-year-old Hadley and 1-year-old Harper.

“We put 'I Got You' on for the girls and they are instantly dancing and singing and they want us to roll the windows down,” says Moore, who is currently enjoying the success of his recent release “Can’t Waste Whiskey.”

“That's why I love songs like ‘I Got You.’ You can have a somewhat heavy lyric, but still have a song that’s fun that you can dance to.”

He’s hoping this song will have his fans feeling the exact same way.

“I want this song to make an impact,” Moore concludes. “I mean, aren’t we all sick of watching the news? People need a song they can listen to that ultimately can make them feel better.”

"I Got You" is set for release on Nov. 13. It's currently available for pre-add and pre-save across multiple digital music outlets.

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