The tragic airliner crash in Iran was made even more tragic when a man described that his wife of ten years called him before the flight to tell him she had a premonition that the plane might crash.

Sheyda Shadkoo had been visiting her family in Tehran and was headed back to her home in Toronto, Canada.

The woman said in a phone conversation with her husband, Hassan Shadkhoo, that she wanted him to know that everything would turn out alright.

"She wanted me to assure her that there wasn't going to be a war. I told her not to worry. Nothing's gonna happen," her husband told Canada's CBC News. "She said, 'OK. They're telling me to turn off my phone. Goodbye.' That was it."

In the video interview, Shadkoo described his wife as having a "look on her face" that showed she knew something was very wrong.

"She knew. Look at her face, look at the poem that she wrote."

The poem read:

"I'm leaving but ... what's behind me worries me. Behind me, behind me. I'm scared for the people behind me."

Hassan Shadkoo went on to tell CBC News, "She was an angel ... I wish I didn't exist right now."

CNN is reporting that there is evidence to suggest that Iran mistakenly shot down the airlines with a missile.

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