While diehard fans have always known that country music is cool, there has been a surge of new fans crossing over into the genre. Much of this has been driven by artists such as Beyonce and Post Malone taking a swing at country-leaning projects, but perhaps there is another reason — rebellion.

Is Country Music the New Rebellion Genre?

During an episode of his Flagrant Podcast, comedian Andrew Schulz made an interesting connection — using some strong language — between country music, hip-hop and rock music. Essentially, he says each genre has had it moment in the spotlight because its content goes against the grain of society.

"Liking country — being a person that's out here like yo country's cool. I wanna wear the cowboy boots. I'm gonna wear the cowboy hat. That's sagging your jeans now," he says comparing the genre to hip-hop.

"Acting as if you're this country hillbilly is a rebellion against popular culture, which is dominated by hip-hop," he adds.

"Hip-hop is going through what rock music went through. Rock music came out and it was like the rebellious rejection of society. Hip-hop came in and did the same thing," he continues. "Now, country is popping because it's rebellious."

Watch the clip below. (Note: there is strong language in this clip)

Is Country Music Cool Again?

Country music is certainly experiencing a moment in the sun and gaining more and more fans. Many of the artists — such as Morgan Wallen, Luke Combs and Jelly Roll — are experiencing superstardom, even outside of the genre. Each has found themselves on Billboard's Artist 100 list a time or two and some have even topped it.

For those who were raised on this stuff, country music has always been cool thanks to its authenticity and passion. It's this idea that this music is simply "three chords and the truth" that is appealing to the fans and other artists.

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