Jelly Roll's daughter, Bailee Ann, is officially behind the wheel. She celebrated her 15th birthday on Monday (May 22), which means it's officially time for driving lessons — and Jelly shared a birthday tribute that's the perfect blend of sweet and hilarious.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE HUMAN ON EARTH. My beautiful baby girl 15 years old looks incredible on you," he writes in the caption of his post. "Nothing in life has brought me more joy than watching you grow into the young woman you are."

Jelly wasn't in town to celebrate Bailee's birthday in person — he traveled out to the West coast to perform on the American Idol season finale on Sunday (May 21) — but in his birthday message, the singer was already making plans for how they'll celebrate when he's back home.

"I can't wait to come home next week and see you. I miss you so much. When I get home we are doing whatever you want," he continues. "Thank you for changing my life. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for always knowing when to [say] something silly. NEVER let failure create fear ... see you soon munchkin."

Jelly balanced out that sweet caption with a much spicier video: The clip shows an expletive-riddled, but heartfelt driving lesson between father and daughter.

"I'm gettin' old, y'all, and I know I'm getting old because I am teaching this motherf--ker how to drive today!" Jelly says from the passenger seat of the car, as he films Bailee behind the wheel.

"Look at this little s--t, y'all, in the driver's seat," he adds.

Bunnie XO — wife to Jelly, and stepmom to Bailee — also shared a heartfelt birthday post with a carousel of family photos for the newly-minted 15-year-old's birthday.

"Happy Birthday to the kid who made me a Mamabear. Who keeps me anchored, & taught me not to run," Bunnie notes in her post. "The kid who has taught me the most about healing. The kid who teaches me patience and what unconditional love is."

Bailee frequently makes appearances on both her parents' social media, and she's a talented singer, too: She's even duetted with Jelly Roll in the past.

Jelly's upcoming Whittsitt Chapel album was heavily inspired by her daughter: Earlier this month, he explained to Taste of Country that Bailee's faith, and decision to get baptized, played a key role in the creation of his album.

Whittsitt Chapel is due out on June 2.

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