Being a good parent sometimes means embracing your kid's hobbies and interests regardless of the situation.

It might mean participating in a pretend tea party, cheering on the sidelines of a youth soccer game or helping sell popcorn to support a Cub Scout.

For one mom, it meant wielding a lightsaber on the dance floor on her son's wedding day.

Star Wars-Inspired Wedding Dance

TikTok user @youarekingdomwoman recently uploaded a video from a wedding reception that shows the groom and his mother facing off in a duel straight out of the 'Star Wars' movies. The two spin around as they clash plastic lightsabers during a mother-son dance while wedding guests watch from their seats.

The video has been viewed more than 620,000 times and generated hundreds of comments ranging from cringe to praise for the number.

"I am not mature enough to watch this in person," Emily Macmoskau shared in the comments.

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TikTok user @morgan.renee710 thinks the mom deserves some credit for going along with the idea.

"Can we just talk about how this mom really showed up for her son on his wedding day," she wrote.

Let's be honest, it's this couple's wedding day and their choice how they want to celebrate. But, the internet if going to internet and have an opinion.

Follow-up Video With Original Audio

The @youarekingdomwoman account has shared a folliow-up video of the dance showing a different angle and incorporating the original sound. It also shows the mother and son embracing at the end.

While this one might not have as many views, the comments are still fairly divided.


Now, we all need a sequel called "The Bride Strikes Back."

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