We all know that Jason Aldean makes his living on the business end of a microphone. But did you know that his wife, Brittany, has one heck of a sweet voice, as well?

The couple proved this fact on Monday (June 24) when Aldean posted a video to social media of the two singing their infant daughter, Navy, to sleep. They chose the Motown classic "My Girl" by the Temptations, tweaking the lyrics a bit to replace "night night" for the lyrical chorus "my girl."

In the video, the most surprising thing is that Brittany can actually sing! Her pretty voice rings out above her husband's, totally on key and even adding a little vibrato flair. Baby Navy doesn't seem to discern between her parents' voices, looking enthralled by both. "#pleasesleepallnight," pleads her dad in return.

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We wouldn't mind hearing an unofficial (or, heck, official) duet between mom and dad ourselves, now that we know Brittany can hold her own in the vocal department so sweetly!

Little Navy made her debut in February, joining her toddler brother Memphis and big-girl sisters Kendyl and Keeley. Dad is going to need his sleep as he's got a busy summer ahead, with new music on the horizon and a slate of summer dates on tap.

Aldean released his most recent album, Rearview Town, in April 2018. The record's title track is his current single.

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