Quarantine or no quarantine, country artists had plenty of new tunes to share this week. Read on to get all caught up! 

John Anderson, "I'm Still Hangin' On":

John Anderson is offering a message of resilience and determination in his latest release, “I’m Still Hangin’ On.” In the emotional song, Anderson makes it clear that he is hanging on for the long haul.

I'm still hangin' on / There were people making bets that I'd be dead and gone / But I'm still hangin' on," he sings. “So many friends along the way / I lost and they're not here today / One wrong move and you'd be history / I was trying to pull my life together / You could knock me down with just a feather / How I'm still here remains a mystery.” "I'm Still Hangin' On" will appear on Anderson's upcoming album. Years, produced by Dan Auerbach and David “Fergie” Ferguson. The project is set for release on April 10. -- CC

Larkin Poe, "She's a Self Made Man":

Ahead of releasing their fifth studio album, Larkin Poe has shared the title track, which is all about female empowerment and perseverance. The rock-infused song turns the phrase “self made man” into a battle cry for women who have overcome hardship and strife.

“Life is all about balance,” member Rebecca Lovell says in a press release. “Sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes it’s sour. With ‘She’s A Self Made Man,’ I wanted to write a song about the up-and-down ride that Megan and I have been on for the past 10 years of building Larkin Poe.”

Lovell continues, “ It’s hard to know who you are and it can take time to figure out what your purpose is, but I feel thankful that in recent years, my own feelings have started to click and make sense. Knowing and accepting yourself: that is empowerment.” Self Made Man will be released on May 1. -- CC

Jessi Alexander, "Decatur County Red" (feat. Jonathan Singleton):

Jessi Alexander has released the title track off her upcoming album, Decatur County Red. “Decatur County Red," featuring Jonathan Singleton, tells the story of the home that Alexander grew up in. Alexander lets listeners into her memories, talking in specific detail about her humble home: Complete with a rebel flag serving as a curtain and a crate as a TV stand. In a press release about the track, Alexander called the track the "most personal on the record." Decatur County Red will be released on March 27. -- CC

Brian Fallon, "Horses":

Brian Fallon has released the next tune off of his forthcoming album, Local Honey. "Horses" is a peaceful song about love and the journey that it took to find his soulmate. Fallon sings about finding the love of his life: “Maybe it was planned when the angels spoke your name into existence / That our hearts would be entwined / And only time and life and a little distance / Until I could be with you.” Local Honey is set for release on March 27. -- CC

Blanco Brown, "I Need Love":

The world is going through a lot right now, and Blanco Brown’s “I Need Love” puts into words what a lot of people are feeling. Blanco sings about not being too proud to reach out for help and isn’t shy about expressing his need for compassion.

“Purpose comes from something bigger than us,” said Brown in a press release. The singer continued about the meaning the song took on after the current hardships playing out across the globe, saying, “Right now, my brothers and sisters in Nashville have had their world torn apart and they need love, at the same time people all over the world are going through struggles and everyone everywhere needs love and support and I feel like sharing this song is part of God’s plan as I follow my purpose. I need love, we all need love; love and blessings. There can never be too much love.” -- CC

Emily Ann Roberts, "How the Car's Running":

Emily Ann Roberts' new song, "How the Car's Running," is a healing meditation and a reminder that sometimes it's important to pull over and take a break. Roberts flanks her soothing message with lush harmonies in this acoustic-driven ballad, which she co-wrote with Simon Reid and Tiffany Goss. -- CL

Alana Springsteen feat. Filmore, "Think About You":

Alana Springsteen taps Filmore for her atmospheric, piano-driven ballad, "Think About You." The pair trade verses and come together for climactic harmonies in the chorus of the song, a dramatic story song about ill-fated -- but still compelling -- love.

"If you had told me a year ago I was gonna be releasing a song with Filmore this month, I probably wouldn't have believed it," Springsteen admits in a press release. "The second I heard his voice on this song, I fell in love with it even more! Such a dream collaboration for me, and I can't wait for the world to hear it." -- CL

American Aquarium, "The Luckier You Get":

American Aquarium’s “The Luckier You Get” is a feel good song about appreciating hard work and the rewards that come along with it. The high energy chorus preaches this work ethic: “The harder you work, the luckier you get / The more you get done, boy, the less you'll regret / Write it down so you never forget / The harder you work, the luckier you get,” frontman BJ Barham sings.

“Luckier You Get” will appear on the group’s full album release, Lamentations, expected on May 1. Barham explained in a press release, “I wanted to write about a broken America and all the things that lead a human being to doubting something. Every song on this record touches on something a little different.” Lamentations is being produced by Shooter Jennings. -- CC

Mark Erelli, "Rose-Colored Rearview":

Mark Erelli turns his gaze to the past in "Rose-Colored Rearview," but his hindsight perspective on days gone by isn't quite as optimistic as it sounds. In fact, the new song -- off Erelli's forthcoming album, Blindsided -- second-guesses nostalgia.

"Was there a time, or was it only in my mind / When everything seemed simpler? / When we all sat down for dinner every night?" he muses in the reflective new tune. "Or am I only looking through this rose-colored rearview?" -- CL

Tiffany Woys, "Loved by You":

Tiffany Woys follows her latest single, "Hostage," with a soaring and smitten new love song about all the drama and movie-star brilliance of being in an incredible relationship. The sweeping song puts Woys' early influences on full display, hearkening back to great love ballads released by the iconic likes of Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood and LeAnn Rimes. -- CL

Mo Pitney, "Ain't Lookin' Back":

Mo Pitney is in a place in his life where he doesn’t want to dwell on the past, and instead prefers to simply move forward. Pitney explained in a press release how the idea of pushing forward shaped his latest record, saying, “Before I heard this song, I had already decided I wanted the album to resonate this theme, however none of my thoughts captured it as well as this song.

“Just like the song says, I ain’t running from all the used to be’s, I just don’t really feel the need to take them with me," the singer continues. "That’s what this song means to me.” PItney’s sophomore album will be released later this year. -- CC

Teddy Robb, "Me on You":

Teddy Robb explores the similarities between new love and an intoxicating substance in his playful, pulsing new tune, "Me on You." In the song, Robb admits he's in over his head -- he's showing up to work on no sleep, with no explanation as to what's been distracting him -- but the singer doesn't mind one bit. The new song comes on the heels of his latest release, "Really Shouldn't Drink Around You." -- CL

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