Kane Brown is experiencing with daughter Kingsley what so many parents before him have experienced with their own babies: She's growing up before his eyes.

Born last October, 9-month-old Kingsley has been hitting new milestones quickly, and the proud new daddy is just happy to be home to see them.

"She’s getting her first teeth, saying a few words, and I get to be here for that," Brown tells Hits Daily Double.

Brown is of course spending his summer at home, as the coronavirus pandemic wiped his 2020 touring schedule. With his headlining Worldwide Beautiful run bumped to next year, the country star is not wasting the opportunity for more free time, and he's spending it with wife Katelyn and their little girl.

But that has been his plan all along. Brown's father was absent from his life when he was growing up, and he'll be the opposite kind of dad for Kingsley, he says.

"I grew up without a dad, so I was kind of wanting to relive my childhood while I was being a dad to my little girl," he shares. "Take her to Six Flags, to Disney World, coach her softball team and do all the things I didn’t have a dad to do with me."

Brown married Katelyn Jae in October 2018, and the couple welcomed their first child, baby Kingsley, a year later — an event that made such an impact on the country singer that he's been writing songs about her, like "For My Daughter." Expect more songs about his little girl to come:

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