Kane Brown and wife Katelyn welcomed their baby daughter, Kingsley, into the world in October 2019, and right off the bat, they knew their little one had quite a big set of lungs on her.

"Even the doctor at the hospital said — when she was screaming and when they saw her with the other babies — they brought her in there and they were like, 'These are the strongest lungs we've heard on a baby in awhile,'" Brown recalls in a chat with Taste of Country Nights. “I was like ... okay!"

But Brown has the magic touch when it comes to getting his baby girl to calm down: A song she knows well.

"I'm not saying this because it's my song, but Katelyn used to play her 'For My Daughter," Brown says, speaking of when his wife of a year-and-a-half was pregnant and would play their daughter the song in utero. "I mean, when I put it on, she just calms down."

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Brown also performed the song on a recent Today show appearance, but he's not sure Kingsley was paying close attention to the TV.

"To me, they still don’t know what they are watching,” Brown says, laughing and thinking of his nearly 5-month-old daughter. "Why am I wasting my time showing you this?"

Given how well "For My Daughter" has worked to settle his baby girl, another lullaby may be on the way.

"I actually wrote down a title the other day," says the proud new father, who recently scored his fifth consecutive number one hit with "Homesick."

"It's crazy because I thought of it six months ago and I completely forgot about it and it popped back into my head. It was the same exact title, so I thought this must be a decent title."

Brown was due to perform at RodeoHouston this week, but the show was canceled last-minute due to coronavirus concerns. All Live Nation and AEG tours have also been suspended for March.

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