During the 2013 New York Fashion Week, Nicole Kidman had a dangerous run-in with a cyclist on a city sidewalk. A photographer on a bike careened into Kidman, which her husband, Keith Urban, likens to the Wild Wild West.

A TMZ video of the accident shows Kidman heading into a hotel with what appears to be a security escort. As she's about to step inside, a cyclist races up the sidewalk, dodges two people, and crashes into Kidman. The actress, 46, fell to the ground instantly.

Although there are no reports that Kidman was seriously injured, medical personnel was called to the scene. And like any other married couple, Kidman called her country star husband right after the accident to fill him in on the details.

"She called me straight away ... any husband can relate to that," Keith says (quote via 2 Day FM). "So luckily, she wasn't seriously injured. It's the Wild Wild West, man, the police are handling it and we just move on."

While Urban sounds pretty calm, he also described the accident as "harrowing."

Initially, reports surfaced that Kidman wanted to press charges against the cyclist, who was holding a camera and could have been racing to the hotel to photograph Kidman before she went inside.

"I'm up, I'm walking around, but I was shaken," Kidman tells the Associated Press. It sounds like this time, the Urban family is going to let the incident slide.

Watch Nicole Kidman's Run-In With Paparazzo


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