Kree Harrison's 2020 album, Chosen Family Tree, was named for the close musical and personal relationships that helped her complete the project. Featuring previously released tunes such as "I Love the Lie," the project showcases the musical magic Harrison creates with friends and artists including Chris Stapleton, Brothers Osborne, songwriter Liz Rose and many more.

Read on as Harrison explains the story behind the title track of the project, which is also its final track. 

I brought that title to the table because I always heard that blood is thicker than water, and I just -- I could never figure out why that was a saying. I realized where it actually came from was from war: When soldiers were in the trenches together, they called each other brothers, because they literally shared blood. That's where that came from.

I was like, "Wow, that's so crazy." Because I'd always been like, "Well, that's bulls--t," you know what I mean? I've always had amazing family, even my very own family that's from, like, my sister's dad's side or whatever it may be, that weren't my actual blood, but I've always claimed my whole life, that's closer to me than some of my actual biological family.

It just came out of that place and out of that mentality. We all wrote that song together.

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