Lanco released two new singles, "What I See" and "Old Camaro," in the fall, but they have even more new music coming soon. At a recent press event in Nashville, Tenn., lead singer Brandon Lancaster confirmed, "There definitely is an album coming."

"We’re working on it right now," he continued. "[In] 2018, we put our first record and toured so heavy on it. 2019 was a lot of taking a step back, having a little more time off and being able to just go back to basics: the songwriting, the five of us jamming and just creating that sound. We’re in the album process for sure."

Though there's no official release date or title, Lanco's new project will be their sophomore album, following 2018's Hallelujah Nights. The five-piece country band is currently on tour, and as there's still work left to be done, it may be a bit before fans hear more about the record, but Lancaster did share how far along they are in the process -- and who's producing it.

"We’re working with Dann Huff right now," he shares, "and have probably two-thirds of the album recorded now."

Huff is a sought-after producer in country music, especially in the recent few years: In 2019 alone, he produced Runaway June's Blue Roses, Lady Antebellum's Ocean and Brooks & Dunn's Reboot, among others. Jay Joyce produced Lanco's first record, but Lancaster says being in the studio isn't too different this time around. They're keeping up the same band dynamic while Huff serves as a facilitator.

"At the end of the day, a producer is there to facilitate what you bring to the table. I think, because it is a band, it hasn’t been that different," Lancaster says. "When we were first telling people that we were working with Dann Huff on this, that would be the first assumption, because he’s brilliant and a genius at the records he produces, but with us, we are a band. We’re playing every instrument.

"I’ll say this: he has pushed us really hard," Lancaster adds. "There were multiple times in the studio I was, like, 'I can’t play that, man. I can play guitar, but I’m not, like, a guitar player.' [He said], ‘Yes, you are. You’re gonna play it. That sounds like you.’

"I think Dann has been really good at facilitating Lanco, just kind of letting us in a room, the five of us jamming it out, helping with arrangements and helping us find moments where we can shine," he concludes.

Huff is a hitmaker, no doubt, though he isn't a songwriter himself (rather, an ace guitar player). Lanco write all of their music between the five of them, so the songs themselves are important to them as artists.

"He does have a very good ear for what a song is, and what impacts him," Lancaster shares. "We have played him songs, and he’s a good board for that, to bounce things off him. He’s not a songwriter, but he knows what impacts him, and he has a good intuition."

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