Lauren Alaina dropped a bomb on Monday (Sept. 16), just hours before the singer was due to make her debut on hit reality show Dancing With the Stars. The big revelation? She's newly single.

Radio host Bobby Bones was the one to extract this bit of news, when during an interview on his show Monday, Alaina casually noted that she is no longer dating her (former) boyfriend, comedian John Crist.

Bones innocently asked what Crist thought about Alaina's new gig on Dancing With the Stars, to which Alaina replied, “I don’t have a boyfriend anymore.”

Bones exclaimed "WHAT?" in a manner that couldn't be faked, and Alaina calmly repeated what she had said. She added that the two are still "best friends," but that "It just didn’t work out. I guess that’s how dating goes, right?”

Alaina, who had had revealed on this very radio show four months earlier that she was involved with Crist, assured Bones she is not in love with her Season 28 DWTS partner, after a few jokes from the radio host.

Alaina's love life has been a bit up and down as of late. In January, she announced the end of her engagement to longtime boyfriend Alex Hopkins, who she had been dating since high school and become engaged to in July 2018.

Alaina is one of a dozen celebrities who will be contestants on the new Dancing With the Stars season. The singer will be vying for the coveted mirror ball trophy against Supremes member Mary Wilson, Bachelorette contestant Hannah Brown, former NFL linebacker Ray Lewis and former White House press secretary Sean Spicer, among others. Supermodel Christie Brinkley notably had to drop out this week after breaking her arm (her 21-year-old daughter Sailor Brinkley-Cook will take her place).

Alaina is the seventh country music artist to take part in a DWTS season; Bones himself won the show's most recent season, in 2018, and is the one Alaina credits with talking her into doing the show.

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