Luke Bryan teased country fans with a live performance video of his song 'That's My Kinda Night.' But now, fans can sink their eyes into the official music video for the single.

'That's My Kinda Night' is a pretty standard Luke Bryan song. It's all about hot girls, trucks, beer and hanging out in the country. So, it's only natural that the video would start out with the star lighting something on fire and shooting it into a pile of brush with a bow and arrow. He ignites a huge bonfire, and the party is on.

The entire clip is created through a split screen effect that captures various moments of the night. Everything from Bryan singing on top of his big black truck, to good-looking girls dancing by the fire, to a fat catfish on a fishing line is frozen in time for a moment, which gives the viewer a sense that Bryan's 'Kinda Night' gets fuzzy after a few drinks.

As the song progresses, the video moves locations to a stream, where Bryan is looking for catfish, but he finds a few partygoers getting friendly in the dark. As the night goes on, more people move out to the water for a late swim. The party gets crazier, the fire gets bigger, and the whole thing ends with a dance party near the flames.

Overall, the 'That's My Kinda Night' video is similar to other party-heavy country videos, but the split screen effect sets it apart from the rest of the crowd.

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