Luke Combs has been on a hot streak since ... well, his first single. Since "Hurricane" went No. 1 in 2017, Combs has been topping country charts left and right, and setting records.

His latest single, "Doin' This," is no exception — the song lands atop the Billboard Country Airplay chart this week. It's Combs' 13th consecutive No. 1 hit — 14th if you count his chart-topper "Cold Beer Calling My Name" with Jameson Rogers. That's a record, according to country chart expert Chris Owen, who says no other artist has started their career with more consecutive No. 1 hits.

To make the news even more special, the soon-to-be dad got the news on the fifth anniversary of his debut single going No. 1 back in 2017.

"Doin' This" was written by Combs with Drew Parker and Robert Williford. The song recalls an interview in which Combs was asked about his life and what he would be doing if this country music thing didn't work out for him. According to the "Cold as You" singer, there was never a plan B. Even if he wasn't selling out arenas, he would still be on stage somewhere playing music and chasing the dream.

Taste of Country Nights host Evan Paul asked about Combs' No. 1 streak recently, and whether or not there is added pressure to keep it going. At the time, the star was 13-for-13.

"I don't know if it's nervous as much as like — obviously, you don't want it to end," he says. "I try to not put too much stock into it because I think you could drive yourself crazy doing that."

Over the course of Combs' career, he's spent 32 weeks on top of the charts. Five of his No. 1 hits came from his debut album, This One's for You, while seven came from the follow-up, What You See Is What You Get album. "Doin' This" has already set a hopeful precedent as the lead single off his upcoming Growin' Up album, which will arrive on June 24.

"I've been lucky up to this point, and I try to continue to write songs that I love and songs that I enjoy and songs that are fun to sing and I hope people like," Combs shares. "That's been the recipe so far, so I don't see any point in changing it now."

Part of the recipe may also include social media. Combs has been known to tease songs — sometimes in their entirety — on various platforms before releasing them as singles from the studio. The fan-generated buzz for those songs certainly doesn't hurt.

In addition to "Doin' This," Combs has also teased a new song called "Tomorrow Me." Both tracks will be on Growin' Up.

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