Luke Combs is one of the fastest-to-fame artists in modern country music, but nothing could have prepared him for how swiftly fatherhood would hit him.

"The most challenging is just jumping into it," he tells Taste of Country, speaking about becoming a father for the first time. "There's no warm-up period. It's like getting thrown into a pool and you don't know how to swim. I would compare it to that. That's the most challenging."

The "Going, Going, Gone" hitmaker spoke with Taste of Country Nights host Evan Paul backstage ahead of the 2022 CMA Awards. In addition to being thrown into the deep end, he says it's been challenging to establish a work-life balance, especially without help.

"Figuring it out with, you know, obviously my schedule is super crammed," he explains, "And me and my wife don't have any help, so it's just me and her. So that is definitely a huge challenge."

However, those challenges don't come without rewards — Combs and his wife, Nicole, are five months into life as parents to their first child, a little boy named Tex. The couple are soaking in every little milestone along the way, like Tex holding his bottle on his own for the first time, which just happened this week.

"I would just say, really, it's like the little things that are the biggest reward. Like when he does something for the first time. Just really when they smile at you, honestly," the proud dad gushes.

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