Luke Combs and his wife, Nicole, have started a new chapter in their lives with the arrival of their son, Tex Lawrence. Although being a new parent can be challenging, there are plenty of sweet moments to soak in — like the one Nicole shared recently with her boy via social media.

In the Instagram photo, Nicole holds a swaddled Tex in her arms. She appears to be nuzzling his nose with her own. The fact that the photo is black and white adds to its sentimentalism.

"Wishing I could bottle up these days," she writes in the caption before adding, "Minus this whole no sleep thing.."

The photo has accrued more 100,000 likes and nearly as many comments. "I'm not ok," one person wrote, while another said, "stopppp." Another related to Nicole's precious moment writing, "It's simply the best. Revel in it all you can!"

The couple have not flooded social media with photos of Tex, but they have brought fans along on their journey. Recently, Nicole updated fans on Tex in her stories, saying he is "thriving." She also noted that their pets have become very protective of their baby brother.

The "Doin' This" singer and his wife became parents for the first time on Father's Day of 2022, which fell on June 19. Combs has made it clear that he wants to be very involved in his son's life.

"I don’t want to be a dad that’s not around or the dad that you see on TV and go, ‘Oh, that is my dad and that is where he is today, I guess,’" he shared in a February interview. "Family is important to me. I’d like to be the guy throwing the football to them.”

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