Maddie & Tae released "Bathroom Floor" ahead of their EP Everywhere I'm Goin', the sequel to their One Heart to Another EP. Written by Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye with Josh Kerr, it's a clever song that begins with crying on the bathroom floor after a breakup and ends ... back on the bathroom floor, but for a different reason: after fun night out with the girls.

Marlow shared the story behind the song in an interview with The Boot. Read on to find out more about "Bathroom Floor."

There’s so many different things that inspired that song.

To take it back a year ago, I texted Tae and I had this idea: I was like, "I really wanna write a song called "Bathroom Floor," and I think it’s supposed to be a really sad, somber song about crying on the bathroom floor all dramatic, but I wanna save it for me, you and Josh." I knew I wanted it to be the three of us.

We really didn’t revisit that idea for a year, and then, one day, we were writing, and we wrote a really, really sad, somber song, and then we started talking about this "Bathroom Floor" thing. We were like, "Oh, we should explore that for a minute."

Initially we thought it was gonna be really sad, but Josh started playing something on the guitar that felt really, really fun and empowering. So we were like, "Let’s chase this for a minute." So Josh was the one that kind of looped it, like, "Quit crying on the bathroom floor and let’s get a better reason to be on the bathroom floor," so he kind of made that connection. Once he made that connection, it was game over.

That song, we’ve lived out a couple times ... probably more than a couple times. We had a bathroom floor night in Jamaica, one for my bachelorette party, Cabo San Lucas ...

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