Shoplifting turned into shop-stuffing.

A man was caught on camera stealing a two-foot-long python from a pet shop in Portland, Ore., by jamming it in his pants. The incident happened last week at an establishment called A to Z pets.

Store owner Christin Bjugan says the creature had a price tag of $200 and the thief, who appears to have been working in cahoots with a blue-haired woman, caught a break because it wasn't hungry:

It was close to feeding day. The snakes are very hungry, I know when I go back there on a Saturday or Sunday even, the snakes are up against the glass looking for food. So he made it in the nick of time.

Bjugan also says the suspect can run but he can't hide, noting, "We know who did it. We know where he lives, we know where he works, we know all about him and his girlfriend. We're just waiting to get our snake back."

The whole incident surprised Bjugan, too, who said, "There's cameras everywhere -- and you'd think that people would see them."

So far, the suspect has yet to be apprehended.

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