Matt Stell’s newest single, “Man Made,” isn't quite what the title suggests. The upbeat song is playful in title, flipping the script once the lyrics begin.

Written by Brett Sheroky and Ian Christian, “Man Made” pays tribute to how a man may have made many things, but it was a woman who made a man.

“When I heard it the first time we were blown away,” Stell tells Taste of Country. “I love how that phrase turns, and it’s really vivid in the pictures that it paints.”

Stell notes that one reason he is drawn to this song is its ability to be uniquely relatable to anyone listening.

“That’s the thing about songs like this that are powerful and can mean different things to people,” he says. “When a mom listens to this hopefully, like thinking of my mom, she hears it a certain way. Then when you hear it and you’re in a relationship, you come at it from that angle.”

The singer is close to his mom, recalling that she teared up a bit when listening to "Man Made."

“She’s a little biased…she likes most of what I do,” he jokes. “My mom and I are pretty close, and we’ve been through some stuff. She’s the sweetest person you’ll ever meet but also a badass, so getting to sing a song that points to that, talks about that a little bit is pretty special.”

Stell anticipates “Man Made” to take on a life of its own when it comes to the way it breathes life into listeners. It's something the singer has previously experienced with similar heart-hitting songs.

“Like “Prayed for You” was that way,” he recalls. “It’s about a relationship kinda on the surface, but it’s meant a lot of things to a lot of people. From school and kids to, you know, a guy told me it helped get him through a stint in prison…it’s really amazing what music can do for people.”

Continuing to lean into the way the lyric pivots, the single’s cover art finds a black-and-white photo of the Wright brothers and the creation of the first airplane. It's imagery that plays into the man-made aspect and also accompanies the element of surprise in the lyrics.

“Man Made” is included in Stell’s forthcoming project due later this year. The singer shares that the music to come is an outward look at his inward refinement as an artist.

“The more time you spend making music and being an artist, honing in your voice and what it is that you do, you get better at it and you also get to see where it goes,” he shares

This new music is all him.

“I know who I am and what I’m doing now…it evolves and continues to get sharper,” Stell expresses.

Fans can expect the singer’s new music to be in a lane of its own while still relating to his previous body of work sonically.

“Man Made” is out now and available for streaming wherever you listen to music.

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