Singer-songwriter Mitch Rossell knows a little something about writing a feel-good country anthem: He co-wrote Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton's smash duet, "Dive Bar," and even appears in the music video for the song, as the steel guitarist performing behind the two superstars.

In his "American Dream" playlist, curated for The Boot's readers, Rossell rounds up a collection of songs that make up the bread and butter of everyday life. All hits in their own right, each addition to this batch of tunes is an integral part of life as a country fan, and each has played an important role in Rossell's life.

The singer kicks off his playlist with Brooks & Dunn's "Hard Workin' Man," a song that Rossell says is the perfect antidote to any bad day. "This song just fires me up," the singer explains. "If I ever need a jumpstart to a day when my feet are dragging, I jump in my Jeep and crank this bad boy."

Other parts of the playlist celebrate the joys of being in love, such as Kathy Mattea's classic "18 Wheels and a Dozen Roses."

"I've always loved this song for so many reasons. Let's start with the fact that Kathy Mattea is a bada--," Rossell points out. "From there, you've got a killer melody. To top it off, you can just feel the joy for this couple for all the years they've both put in to reach the point in their lives where the years he's put in have afforded them the opportunity to spend time together traveling and enjoying each other's company. That's what it's all about!"

Rossell champions some of that sentiment in his brand new song, "American Dream," itself a celebration of putting in hard and being rewarded with a joyful life. Co-written by the artist and Dave Turnball, "American Dream" finds the established songwriter stepping into his own as an artist in his own right. Press play above to watch the new music video for the song.

"There's nothing like putting in the time and the work, and seeing your dreams come true right before your eyes," Rossell reflects. "I thank God every day for my right to pursue my dreams, and even more than that, for my children's right to pursue theirs. I hope this song gives people something unifying to cling to in such a divisive time."

To learn more about the musical aesthetic of Rossell's "American Dream," press play below to listen to his playlist on Spotify.

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