If you're stuck at home self-quarantining, why not check out the latest new releases from country stars? There's a little something for everyone in the latest batch of new releases. Read on to check 'em out! 

Mo Pitney, "Ain't Bad for a Good Ol' Boy":

Mo Pitney's feel-good and sunny "Ain't Bad for a Good Ol' Boy" is all about appreciating the life you've got. The singer's rich vocals add an extra layer of groove onto the anthemic track.

If the song sounds familiar, it might be because Pitney's new tune is featured on the soundtrack of the Netflix series, The Ranch. On the same day the new tune came out, Pitney also released another track called "Ain't Lookin' Back." Both will be included on a forthcoming album the singer's planning to release later in 2020. -- CL

Steve Earle, "John Henry Was a Steel-Drivin' Man":

Steve Earle is offering up the next taste of his forthcoming new album, Ghosts of West Virginia, a project that centers around the 2010 Upper Big Branch coal mine explosion that killed 29 people. This track immerses listeners in the old-time musical tradition of the state, putting pedal steel and twangy guitar front and center. Ghosts of West Virginia is due out on May 22. -- CL

Whitney Rose, "In a Rut":

Whitney Rose rails against a discouraging world in her blistering, raucous new single, "In a Rut." The singer remembers writing the track, telling Pop Matters that it came from the burnout that followed a period of time when she found herself working too hard, for too long.

"I was on tour in February 2019 in Charlotte, North Carolina," she recalls. "I'd been touring for a long time without many breaks. I was going hard. Maybe too hard. During my set, I felt a panic attack coming on. I had to put down my guitar. I finished the set, but I was just singing. When I got off stage, I had a full-on panic attack in my dressing room. I had to cancel the rest of the tour and come home." -- CL

Larkin Poe, "Holy Ghost Fire":

Grungy and bold, Larkin Poe's "Holy Ghost Fire" is a perfect soundtrack for grinding your way through tough times. "Music is a raw power," explains the band's Rebecca Lowell. "'Holy Ghost Fire' is our anthem dedicated to the healing energy of music."

The new song comes off of their forthcoming album, Self Made Man, which is due for release on May 1. -- CL

Watkins Family Hour, "Bella and Ivan":

The Watkins Family Hour have unveiled the string-filled new installment of their forthcoming album, Brother Sister. Called "Bella and Ivan," the band's latest track is entirely instrumental, providing an imagination-filled and rollicking melody perfect for dancing. It's the eighth track on Brother Sister, a 10-track project which is due for release on April 10. -- CL

Alex Hall, "Whiskey on the Table":

Following the release of last year's "Half Past You," Alex Hall has shared "Whiskey On The Table." In the track Hall’s achy voice is full of acceptance of a failed relationship. He sings about how his ex can have his things, keep her key and lay claim on their once shared town. Letting go of nearly everything, there is one thing that Hall needs and that is the whiskey on the table. Hall sings, “ The only thing I ask is when you leave / Leave the whiskey on the table / Don't need the glass, don't need no ice / Just the burn from that black label....” -- CC

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