If Netflix spoilers to your favorite shows were on public billboards out in Cheyenne, that would definitely be one more reason to stay at home and practice 'social distancing'.

In Germany, college students at the Miami Ad School Europe in Hamburg came up with a great billboard campaign that would definitely encourage the public to stay at home amid the Covid-19 crisis. They posted spoilers to the most popular Netflix shows on local billboards throughout the community.

That's genius! No one wants to have their favorite shows spoiled. Imagine being in the process of binge-watch of 'Stranger Things', which you haven't caught up on, but for some reason, you decided to go somewhere and then, bam! Now you know the ending of Season 3 without having watched it all because you decided to not stay at home.

The students spoiled such shows as not only 'Stranger Things', but also the popular series, 'Love Is Blind', and 'Narcos'. I know I wouldn't have wanted to see the spoiler to 'Ozark' before watching the end of Season 3, which by was an insane twist!

Those students had a clever idea to put up spoiler billboards of people's favorite TV shows. I wish they were everywhere for these strange times we're going through. It'd be one more reason for people to stay at home for the time being, where it's safe. This is the one time in our lives when we can stay home, do nothing but maybe watch some TV, or you can read or play online games if that's your thing, but by doing any of that and staying in, you're doing your part to help save the world.

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