Thanks to COVID-19, certain personal responsibilities have fallen by the wayside.

For one, we're all spending so much more time at home than we normally ever would during the summer months, so it's not particularly important for us to look our best as often as it once was. As a result of that fact, certain parts of our routines haven't exactly been adhered to as they should. Ya know... like personal hygiene.

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A new survey conducted by Laundrapp shows that almost 20% of people aren't showering regularly anymore since they have nowhere to be. The quarantine is making people stinky! It's not only B-O that's the problem, either:

  • 6% of people aren't changing their underwear on a regular basis because they are quarantining at home
  • 9% of people don't brush their teeth on a daily basis because they are quarantining at home
  • 37% of people have gained weight during the pandemic
  • 11% of people don't wear deodorant on a daily basis because they are quarantining at home
  • 19% of women are shaving their body less because they are quarantining at home

Honestly though, how do you not change your underwear everyday?? Isn't that one of the first things parents teach their kids?? Hopefully, you're not one of the stinky ones. If you are, go take a shower. It's hot this week in South Jersey. That funky smell you can't escape? It's you.



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