Out today (May 20), Nick Dittmeier & The Sawdusters' "I Suppose" is a synth-peppered country stomp from their upcoming album Heavy Denim, set for release on July 15.

"I Suppose" explores the feelings of being a creative type who never works up the nerve to relocate away from their hometown like many others like them do. In Dittmeier’s case this has led to a state of permanent detachment and boredom as he struggles to get by while being surrounded by folks too caught up on past memories instead of looking ahead and building toward the future.

“'I Suppose' is about staying around a place like Southern Indiana or the Louisville area," Dittmeier tells The Boot. "So many people who are creative types move to bigger cities. There’s this weird feeling that you stayed where you’re from, but you're not here at the same time—you're not really mentally or physically present. It's kind of an odd thing. You leave your house for a month at a time and come back. You don't really belong in your native area, but you have limited roots in where you've traveled.

“It’s like being stuck between being an outdoor cat and living the mundane reality of relationships and familial obligations. Ultimately, a lot of this new record deals with trying to protect yourself and look forward while still having some sense of comfort and normalcy."

Dittmeier documents this feeling of being trapped in the song with tongue-in-cheek lyrics like “County road, dividing east and west / Guidance counselor said to leave would be best / I stayed in Indiana and it wasn’t all bad / I’m another day older / Look more like my dad I know” that describe how the longer he stays near home the harder it is to break away.

Eventually, when he does get away from town and is out on the open road, he realizes that things aren’t always easier. “30 days on the high seas, ya got mouths to feed, avoid a mutiny," he sings. "Say you wanna be with the best round here / Go on Van Gogh and cut off your ear for the show,” illustrating the sacrifice often associated with getting out on your own as a musician. Growing numb from it all, he finally admits, “I’ve seen stranger things / Ya never know / I suppose."

Learn more about Dittmeier on his official website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels.

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