Old Dominion is about to head back on tour after the pandemic kept them off the road for over a year. They stopped by the Bobby Bones Show to talk about the upcoming tour, Matt's recent accident, and perform their first, last and recent hits!

Lead singer Matt Ramsey recently fell off a ladder and was in the hospital with some broken ribs and a punctured lung. The accident meant Ramsey was unable to perform or do much of anything for several days. He came on the show right after the accident to share details about the whole 911 incident. During the show today (June 15), he admitted that he's about 85% better and is hoping to be 100% before they hit the road again. The rest of the band admitted that despite their best efforts, they couldn't do a show without Matt. To add on another challenge, after not playing awhile due to the pandemic, it took them about 4 rehearsals before they really "came back" into their performing mojo. They said it's the most they've rehearsed for something ever. The rehearsing is for their Live at the Ballpark Tour where they're hitting different baseball stadiums across the country. In talking about baseball games, they shared they've never sang the National Anthem and they're too nervous to do it. Matt added that he messes up the words to his own songs so he really doesn't trust being able to remember the song word for word.

The band recently released "I Was On A Boat That Day," a fun song sure to be a summer jam for fans. The song was written with the whole band as well as Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne. Despite being in a writing room with 7 individuals, the band said they've done it so many times that it's basically a well oiled machine at this point. Though they said if one of the band members happens to be late to a song writing session, they may miss out on writing most of the song because things move so fast.

Old Dominion performed their first hit "Break Up With Him," their last hit at this moment "One Man Band," and their newest song "I Was On A Boat That Day."

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