Back to school may not look the same but at least kids and staff are finally going back for in-person classes.

After months of virtually learning amid the coronavirus pandemic, it's hard to say who is more excited to get back to school - the kids or the staff. Although face masks and social distancing will be required in most classrooms, school is somewhat back to normal.

Before you share your child's back-to-school pictures, keep a few things in mind to keep them safe. Never share the school name, child's age, teacher's name, and grade, identifying features like height, or weight, or any overly personal information.

Credit - Germantown Central School District via Facebook

Here's a look at kids as they head back to their first day of school since COVID hit. To keep everyone safe, we've not included any names or schools. We also left out any children's pictures with too much information, including house numbers they may be standing in front of.

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Back to school looks a little different amid COVID but at least kids and staff are finally going back.

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