These new music videos are so summery that you might want to break out the sunglasses and put some sunscreen on before you press play. Which one's your favorite? 

Sam Hunt, “Downtown’s Dead”

Sam Hunt has revealed the lyric video for his current single, "Downtown's Dead." If you were hoping for a video featuring a storyline, drama, or a montage of live performances, you might be a little underwhelmed. The "Downtown's Dead" music video simply captures Hunt walking his stalled-out motorcycle down a four-lane road. A few vehicles pass by, and there's a hint he may be filming outside of the United States, as an ambulance is marked with the word "Ambulancia." Do you think this video is what it appears to be--Hunt walking down a street--or is there a bigger picture involved? --CV

Old Dominion, “Hotel Key”

Old Dominion's single "Hotel Key," from their sophomore album, Happy Endings, is a fun and upbeat song, and its accompanying music video, directed by Jim Wright, is equally entertaining. It's a typical "girl meets guy at a bar and sparks fly so they head to a hotel" type of storyline. But all the fun is in the details. Each band member takes on a small role in the storyline: The bar's bouncer, the taxi driver, the hotel clerk, their room's neighbor and a coffee-drinking guest. It's a night filled with pillow fights, pizza and romance. The ACM Vocal Group of the Year performs in the hotel parking lot (Safari Inn in Murfreesboro, Tenn.) throughout the video, and their appearances drive the comedy up a notch. --CV

Everette, "Slow Roll"

Country duo Everette hit the road west of Nashville in an old Winnebago to film the video for their new song, "Slow Roll." The gritty neon street scene of downtown Memphis provides a backdrop for the easy-going summer anthem. From night clubs to riverbanks, Kentucky natives Brent Rupard and Anthony Olympia aren't in a hurry to get anywhere in this song. It's their first major-label single since signing with BBR Music Group earlier this year, and makes for the perfect kick-off for road trip season. --LS

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