Born Eilleen Regina Edwards in Ontario, Canada, in 1965, Shania Twain is the best-selling female country music artist, and one of the best-selling artists of all time, period. The singer released her first album, Shania Twain, in 1993, but it was her second disc, 1995's The Woman in Me, that really put her on the map.

Throughout her career, Twain has won five Grammys -- her first came for The Woman in Me -- and sold more than 75 million albums worldwide. Twain's third studio album, Come on Over, released in 1997, is still the best-selling country album of all time, as well as the top-selling album by a female artist of any genre of all time. She's part of the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

After releasing her Up! album in 2002, Twain stpped away from the spotlight for several years, though she spent 2012-2014 performing a Las Vegas residency. Twain released her most recent album, Now, in 2017, and has been on the road again as well.

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