Take on 'The Beast' for a memorable safari experience at the Wild Animal Park in Chittenango, New York.

A  new and exciting way to enjoy the Wild Drive-Thru Safari in Chittenango has finally arrived. Owner Jeff Taylor has been working on bringing the enhanced experience to the park for months. The coronavirus pandemic caused several delays but The Beast is finally here.

The Beast will take you on a memorable guided tour of The Wild Animal Safari. "It'll drive where cars can't, even through the water," said Taylor. Along the way, you'll learn all about the amazing animals, as well as the history of The Wild Animal Park, which actually began when Taylor bought his kids a few goats for their birthday. The next year, they got a camel. Now we all get to enjoy the exotic animals inside the Wild Animal Park and Drive-Thru Safari.

Credit - The Wild Animal Park

If that's not cool enough, your beast of a tour will end with an up-close encounter with the beautiful safari tigers. There may even be a possible quick feeding.

Credit - Wild Animal Park

All bookings for The Beast will cost $24.99 per person and can be booked at Thewildpark.com.

The Wild Animal Park is located at 7621 Lakeport Road in Chittenango. It's open 7 days a week through September 12, then just on weekends through Halloween.

Take a virtual tour of the Wild Drive-Thru Safari to see all the amazing animals.

Take a Virtual Trip Through the Wild Drive-Thru Safari

Zebras, emus, and camels, oh my! Take a virtual trip through the Wild Drive-Thru Safari in Chittenango.

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