The Springs don't need stuff -- they just need each other. Their love is strong in their new song "Don't Need Fixin'," which is premiering exclusively on The Boot. Press play below to listen.

Written by the Springs (Holly and Stewart Halcomb), Mark Narmore and Aimee Walden, and produced by Shayne Hill, "Don't Need Fixin'" was inspired by a scroll through social media, Holly admits. "Some of the people we follow on Instagram … have so much 'stuff,' but they never seem to be happy," she explains.

"This song is about how happiness doesn’t come from the 'stuff,' but who you get to share the 'stuff' with," Holly adds of the upbeat, optimistic track. "We don’t have 'everything,' but what we have makes us happy."

"Yeah, we might be broke / But we don't need fixin' / I got a hand to hold and a guitar for pickin'" the Springs harmonize in the chorus. "That old screen door's got a hole and the faucet's drippin' / Yeah, we might be broke, but we don't need fixin'."

Each hailing from Alabama, the Halcombs met in Nashville, when they were both playing a show at the Bluebird Cafe (the same spot where Stewart would later propose). They struck up a romantic relationship and, then, after a few years of occasionally singing with each other's bands, a full-fledged musical partnership.

"The more we dated, we realized we made a great time," Holly explains. "We each have our strengths, and when we put them together, people in the industry noticed."

"Don't Need Fixin'" is due out widely on Friday (Sept. 25). Visit for more.

Listen to the Springs' "Don't Need Fixin'"

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