Let's face it, around here, we all love Chobani because it's a local company, based out of Edmeston, NY, which not only employs quite a few people around here, but also is well known to give back to the community at large. So it's easy for me to like Chobani products and I have enjoyed my fair share over the years. I'm excited that now there's more to love, especially if you love coffee like I do!

Chobani, of course well known for their Greek yogurt, has rolled out a new line of coffee products which I can't wait to try called "Chobani coffee". Yesterday, they posted this on their facebook page...

Coffee lovers, this is cold brew for you. Inspired by our Chobani® Coffee Creamer and Chobani® Oat fans, we crafted new...

Posted by Chobani on Thursday, January 14, 2021


According to chobani.com, you can choose from four different Chobani Coffee flavors: Cold Brew Pure Black (no sugar, no dairy), Cold Brew with Sweet Creamer (made from farm-fresh milk), Cold Brew with Vanilla (made from farm-fresh milk), and Cold Brew with Oatmilk (made with gluten-free oats)

I say, "bring it on!", especially if it helps me stay more awake during my morning radio show!

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